Small Animal Electrolyte and Acid-Base Mastery Certification Course: Free 2-Day Trial


Here's What You'll Get:

- 2-day access to 80 in-depth video lessons
- 2-day access to numerous real-life case scenarios

Explore our 2-day trial to test-drive our unique training program. Discover firsthand how it can elevate your skills, expand your knowledge, and equip you with practical tools, resources, and a supportive community for success in small animal emergency and critical care. Access to the VETEMCRIT calculator and community is available with a purchase of either a lifetime or monthly subscription.

What People Are Saying:

I'm having so much fun with the course - thanks so much for putting it together! I've always been particularly fascinated and intimidated by the dysnatremias, especially with all the dire warnings from the human ECC side regarding the development of ODS from overaggressive correction of hyponatremia, so this is great to get more exposure and more confidence about dealing with these topics!

Dr. Todd Kelman, an emergency veterinarian from California

Dear Igor, Your course has truly revolutionized my understanding of blood gas analysis. Even in Taiwanese veterinary ER, blood gas procedures are rare, and arterial catheterization is unfamiliar territory for me. That’s why your teachings are incredibly valuable. Your expertise in interpreting blood gas results is unmatched, and I thoroughly appreciate learning from your lectures. Your comprehensive approach, covering both pathophysiology and practical case studies, is invaluable. Despite the challenges, I find immense satisfaction in the depth of knowledge I’ve gained from your guidance. Best regards, Shawn Liao."

Dr. Shawn Liao, an emergency veterinarian from Taiwan

I learned about the course from my friend and colleague Rachel C. I’m so happy she shared this course with me! I am thoroughly enjoying and impressed with the course. I love that the video tutorials are in “bite sized” pieces that are easily digestible and easy to repeat if there are any uncertainties. I have finished potassium and sodium, working my way through blood gas now. I love that there is lifetime access, as I think I will most likely repeat the whole course when completed just to further my understanding. I love that I can easily go back to a subject if I miss a quiz question.

Dr. Allison Maddox, an emergency veterinarian from Georgia, USA